'Alternative' Medicine Is Mainstream

The evidence is mounting that diet and lifestyle are the best cures for our worst afflictions.



In mid-February, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences and the Bravewell Collaborative are convening a "Summit on Integrative Medicine and the Health of the Public." This is a watershed in the evolution of integrative medicine, a holistic approach to health care that uses the best of conventional and alternative therapies such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture and herbal remedies. Many of these therapies are now scientifically documented to be not only medically effective but also cost effective.


 Martin Kozlowski

President-elect Barack Obama and former Sen. Tom Daschle (the nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services) understand that if we want to make affordable health care available to the 45 million Americans who do not have health insurance, then we need to address the fundamental causes of health and illness, and provide incentives for healthy ways of living rather than reimbursing only drugs and surgery.

    總統當選人Barack Obama和前參議員湯姆Tom Daschle  (衛生與公共事業部長的被提名人)瞭解--如果想要負擔得起45百萬個沒有健康保險的美國人民醫療保健,我們必須提出影響健康和病症的基本原因,並且對健康的生活方式提供誘因和鼓勵,而不只是一昧地對藥物和手術提供補償。

Heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer and obesity account for 75% of health-care costs, and yet these are largely preventable and even reversible by changing diet and lifestyle. As Mr. Obama states in his health plan, unveiled during his campaign: "This nation is facing a true epidemic of chronic disease. An increasing number of Americans are suffering and dying needlessly from diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and HIV/AIDS, all of which can be delayed in onset if not prevented entirely."

    目前心臟病、糖尿病、前列腺癌、乳腺癌和肥胖症佔75%的醫療保健費用,然而,絕大部分的情況都可以藉由改變飲食和生活方式去防止和改善。在Obama的競選期間,他對國民健康政策作了以下的陳述:這個國家正面臨慢性疾病的蔓延, 越來越多的美國人因為肥胖、糖尿病、心臟病、哮喘和愛滋病遭受不必要的折磨和死亡,即使沒有完全的預防這些慢性疾病,仍可延遲它們發病的時間。

The latest scientific studies show that our bodies have a remarkable capacity to begin healing, and much more quickly than we had once realized, if we address the lifestyle factors that often cause these chronic diseases. These studies show that integrative medicine can make a powerful difference in our health and well-being, how quickly these changes may occur, and how dynamic these mechanisms can be.


Many people tend to think of breakthroughs in medicine as a new drug, laser or high-tech surgical procedure. They often have a hard time believing that the simple choices that we make in our lifestyle -- what we eat, how we respond to stress, whether or not we smoke cigarettes, how much exercise we get, and the quality of our relationships and social support -- can be as powerful as drugs and surgery. But they often are. And in many instances, they're even more powerful.

    多數人傾向於相信醫學上的突破來自於新的藥物研發、雷射、或者是高科技手術療程, 而很難去認同只要我們在生活中作一些簡單的改變,就能達到像藥物和手術的效用,舉例而言:我們吃什麼、我們如何處理生活上的壓力、是否有抽菸的習慣、花了多少時間健身、以及人際關係的好壞和能夠取得的社會支援等;甚至有許多實例顯示,這些生活上的改變,可以帶來更強而有力的影響力。

These studies often used high-tech, state-of-the-art measures to prove the power of simple, low-tech, and low-cost interventions. Integrative medicine approaches such as plant-based diets, yoga, meditation and psychosocial support may stop or even reverse the progression of coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, prostate cancer, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and other chronic conditions.


A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that these approaches may even change gene expression in hundreds of genes in only a few months. Genes associated with cancer, heart disease and inflammation were downregulated or "turned off" whereas protective genes were upregulated or "turned on." A study published in The Lancet Oncology reported that these changes increase telomerase, the enzyme that lengthens telomeres, the ends of our chromosomes that control how long we live. Even drugs have not been shown to do this.


Our "health-care system" is primarily a disease-care system. Last year, $2.1 trillion was spent in the U.S. on medical care, or 16.5% of the gross national product. Of these trillions, 95 cents of every dollar was spent to treat disease after it had already occurred. At least 75% of these costs were spent on treating chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, that are preventable or even reversible.

    就本質上來說,我們的" 醫療保健系統" 是疾病照護系統。 美國在去年花了$2.1兆,或者說是16.5%GNP在藥物治療上;在這龐大的金額裡,每一塊美元,即有95分是用在已發生的疾病治療上,且至少有75%的成本是花費在那些可以被阻止、甚至是徹底杜絕的心臟病、糖尿病等慢性疾病上。

The choices are especially clear in cardiology. In 2006, for example, according to data provided by the American Heart Association, 1.3 million coronary angioplasty procedures were performed at an average cost of $48,399 each, or more than $60 billion; and 448,000 coronary bypass operations were performed at a cost of $99,743 each, or more than $44 billion. In other words, Americans spent more than $100 billion in 2006 for these two procedures alone.

    就以心臟方面的手術來舉例最為清楚,根據美國心臟協會提供的數據,在2006年中,執行 1.3百萬個氣球擴張術的平均成本為$48,399,或者說是超過$600億,448,000個冠狀動脈搭橋手術的平均成本為$99,743,或者說是超過$440億。換句話說,在2006年裡,美國人在這兩個手術上,花費了超過$1000億。

Despite these costs, a randomized controlled trial published in April 2007 in The New England Journal of Medicine found that angioplasties and stents do not prolong life or even prevent heart attacks in stable patients (i.e., 95% of those who receive them). Coronary bypass surgery prolongs life in less than 3% of patients who receive it. So, Medicare and other insurers and individuals pay billions for surgical procedures like angioplasty and bypass surgery that are usually dangerous, invasive, expensive and largely ineffective. Yet they pay very little -- if any money at all -- for integrative medicine approaches that have been proven to reverse and prevent most chronic diseases that account for at least 75% of health-care costs. The INTERHEART study, published in September 2004 in The Lancet, followed 30,000 men and women on six continents and found that changing lifestyle could prevent at least 90% of all heart disease.



In Today's Opinion Journal

That bears repeating: The disease that accounts for more premature deaths and costs Americans more than any other illness is almost completely preventable simply by changing diet and lifestyle. And the same lifestyle changes that can prevent or even reverse heart disease also help prevent or reverse many other chronic diseases as well. Chronic pain is one of the major sources of worker's compensation claims costs, yet studies show that it is often susceptible to acupuncture and Qi Gong. Herbs usually have far fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals.


Joy, pleasure and freedom are sustainable, deprivation and austerity are not. When you eat a healthier diet, quit smoking, exercise, meditate and have more love in your life, then your brain receives more blood and oxygen, so you think more clearly, have more energy, need less sleep. Your brain may grow so many new neurons that it could get measurably bigger in only a few months. Your face gets more blood flow, so your skin glows more and wrinkles less. Your heart gets more blood flow, so you have more stamina and can even begin to reverse heart disease. Your sexual organs receive more blood flow, so you may become more potent -- similar to the way that circulation-increasing drugs like Viagra work. For many people, these are choices worth making -- not just to live longer, but also to live better.


It's time to move past the debate of alternative medicine versus traditional medicine, and to focus on what works, what doesn't, for whom, and under which circumstances. It will take serious government funding to find out, but these findings may help reduce costs and increase health.


Integrative medicine approaches bring together those in red states and blue states, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, because these are human issues. They are both medically effective and, important in our current economic climate, cost effective. These approaches emphasize both personal responsibility and the opportunity to make affordable, quality health care available to those who most need it. Mr. Obama should make them an integral part of his health plan as soon as possible.

    因為中西醫結合是屬於人民的議題,因此它使得民主黨與共和黨凝聚在一起。中醫和西醫都有他們在醫學上的療效,且對我們當前的經濟環境同樣重要,皆具有其成本效益。這些方法強調以下兩個重點:一為使個人有責任和機會去負擔;二為使有需要的人,都可以得到有品質的健康照護。質量醫療保健可利用對多數需要它的那些人。Mr. Obama應該儘快將中西醫結合的方式,納入其醫療計畫的一部份。

Dr. Chopra, the author of more than 50 books on the mind, body and spirit, is guest faculty at Beth Israel Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ornish is clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Mr. Roy is professor emeritus of materials science at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Weil is director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Chopra,超過50本身、心、靈相關書籍的作者,也是Beth Israel Hospital/Harvard Medical School的客座醫師。Dr. Ornish是舊金山-加州大學的臨床教授。Mr. Roy 是賓州大學裡,材料科學的榮譽退休教授。Dr. Weil 是亞利桑那大學綜合醫學中心的主任。



  當讀者看完這篇報導以後,是否感覺很耳熟能詳呢? 我一再強調真正的中醫學必須要成為未來的主流醫學,如果做不到這一點,未來的世界就將更黑暗,人們將更無助,生活上完全受到西藥廠這個惡魔的擺佈,當西藥廠賺盡世人口帶中的錢時,就是人類更痛苦的時期,去年美國總統大選時,我投給了歐巴馬,現在看來我的決定是正確的, 以現在美國不景氣的經濟,美國如果再不改變現在的醫療政策方向,每年持續增加的醫療預算,一定會拖垮美國的經濟,未來社會安全局將會面臨破產的局面,到時老年人無法取得社會福利金,國家就會開始動亂,這該歸究於過去太迷信西醫的理論,耗費了無數的金錢,結果不但沒有改變美國人的健康,反而造成更多的美國人死於錯誤的西醫理論之下,讓美國人的壽命變短,生活更沒有品質,這必須要靠強有力的決策者來做出大幅度的更改,才有可能改變這一事實,當然也才有可能挽救美國持續低迷的經濟狀況,不正確的醫療政策不但對人民有害,而且一定會拖垮經濟的,如果美國政府真正能做到上述自己所說的話,我很早以前就說過,這樣做不但可以刪改至少90%醫療預算,而且老年人退休以後,每個月還可以領5,000.00美金以上的生活費用,這些支出都變得可以負擔得起的開銷,而現在這些錢都已經浪費在無效的西醫學身上,只有西藥廠得利,我們必須要支持這種強力的改變,否則過去美國的強盛狀況,必將成為歷史,永遠無法再次強盛回來了。


    可能有些讀者不能了解我說的現在美國的狀況,我舉一個真實的案例解釋給大家聽,三年前一位美國中年男子來訪,他因為心臟動脈血管有三根已經完全被阻塞,當地西醫原本已經安排好幫他做心臟血管繞道手術,但是手術前又再次做一次體檢,結果發現到他的其中一個腎臟功能已經喪失,於是當場取消這心血管的繞道手術,原因是病人在這種狀況下做繞道手術,只有兩個結果,一個是如果運氣好些,手術後就立刻開始洗腎,一個是運氣不好的話,當場就會死在手術台上,所以只好取消這個手術。請問讀者,如果你是他的話,你該如何做呢? 他的運氣很好,一回到家後,朋友知道他面臨這種生死關頭,於是就立刻介紹他來找我,當天他進入診所時還氣喘吁吁,胸痛如刀刺,神情非常緊張,我讓他立刻躺在診療台上,當我的針刺進穴道後,當場胸痛就恍然若失,他喘口氣後告訴我,他的心臟從未如此舒暢過,留針二十分鐘後,我幫他起針,他開心的說,他知道已經好許多了,接著跟我走到門診部時,他告訴我原本他每走十步就需要停下來喘口氣才能再走,現在居然可以一直走而不需要停下喘氣,當然他是非常驚訝於中醫的針灸效果居然如此之快,結帳時他赫然發現我只收他50美金的針灸治療費,他告訴我如果給西醫開刀做繞道手術的話,至少須要花費約五萬美金,而且開完刀後,血管阻塞依然存在,幾年以後還是會需要再做,並不會好的。

   十天後,他傳真過來告訴我,從上次做完針灸後,加上再服用我的漢唐77號,現在他不但胸痛全去,而且可以到處走動,運動再激烈也絲毫沒有一點難過與喘氣,再次回醫院做檢查後,發現心臟血管已經完全通暢,當然這讓他非常的開心,當時他就質疑為何美國醫療系統不採用這種方式來治療心臟病呢? 因為既便宜,效果又好,又絲毫沒有一點副作用存在,讀者將這個案例與上篇報導中的西醫治療心臟病的花費,做一個比較,聰明的讀者就會知道,唯有使用中醫學,才真正可以將美國的經濟迅速的恢復過來,我是美國公民,這將是我的責任所在,過去我一直在做,現在也在做,以後也將持續的做下去,我經歷過的案例是無數的,這裡說的只是其中一個小案例而已,要讓美國人都健康長壽又生活的很開心,我心裡很清楚,只有發揚真正的中醫才可以做到這一點,很高興現在準備上任的美國新總統也有這個見識,希望他能夠真正的擺脫西藥廠利益團體的遊說,美國才有希望,否則將來美國的經濟一定會被醫療預算拖垮的。

   讀者試著計算一下價錢與效果,用中醫治療心臟動脈血管阻塞所花的費用,只有西醫治療費用的五千分之一,而中醫的效果是立竿見影,完全將阻塞血管打通,西醫的治療不但沒有解決問題,反而更製造些問題出來,做過心臟手術的病人告訴我,他們發現手術後連原來的個性都被改變了,而且非常害怕隨時還是會發心臟病的,因為並沒有被治好,以後還是將面臨一再開刀的問題,眾所周知 的現任美國副總統錢尼,直到目前為止,他已經開過五次刀了,他還開玩笑說,乾脆請醫師在他胸前裝個拉鍊,以方便繼續再開刀。

   更有意思的是如果讀者說你不是醫師,但是很想只學我這個治療心臟血管阻塞的技術來自保,對其他中醫內科學沒有興趣,這樣可以學得好嗎? 可以跟我一樣將心臟動脈血管打通嗎?我告訴讀者,這答案是 [ 絕對可以做到,而且我只需要幾個小時就可以教會你。] 因為中醫已經是被使用上千年的學術,經驗的累積讓中醫的理論已經成為真理,而且中醫師可以從治療前的診斷到治療後的複診,都一目了然非常明白病人病情的變化,連這些部份也都已經被化繁為簡,不需要再做其他更深入的研究了,因此任何人無論你的資質如何都可以學好中醫,都可以做到像我一樣的治療效果,因為不需要再進步了,這些都正好符合上篇所要求的the power of simple, low-tech, and low-cost,這種簡單的技術,我想目前在各大中醫學院中的教授們應該都可以做得到的,因為真的實在是太簡單了。




   如果化學治療可以治療癌症,我們去找一位正常又強壯的年輕人來試一下,給這強壯的人連續做半年的化療,我保證他將奄奄一息,毫無生氣,如果將之用在已經是虛弱的癌症病人身上時,病人必會因為化療而死,這是可以預知的,既然如此,那為何還要花費高額的金錢,來做這無效又害人死亡的化療呢? 美國西醫界過去所做的蠢事,今天很慶幸的被執政者發現到,如果歐巴馬政府真的可以做到如這篇所說的政策方向,我認為將不僅僅是美國人之福,也將是全人類之福。而發揚中醫藥的結果就是讓人類更長壽,人人都得到更高的生活品質,自然環境的汙染也將停止,生病的人將變少,到處都是開心的人,此時當然西藥廠就只好關門大吉了。



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